Goalkeeper Training Programs

Goalkeeper Academy

SCGA started a goalkeeping culture in Georgia
(August-mid December and mid January- May)

The Southern Crescent Goalkeeping Academy is a yearlong soccer goalkeeper training program. The Academy is designed for elite, average and beginner goalkeepers around the Atlanta area wanting to maximize their full potential. The position of goalkeeper in soccer is a position that is difficult to learn and stay sharp without continuous training.  Proper goalkeeping technique, taught and reinforced at Southern Crescent Goalkeeper Academy, is difficult to master and easy to forget.  Repetition and technique is the foundation of soccer goalkeeper training at Southern Crescent Goalkeeper Academy!

Goalkeeper Training Philosophy

To properly teach all aspects of the goalkeeper position in soccer each individual will be assigned one or two practice times a week (Sunday-Thursday). To maximize training each goalkeeper will be grouped by skill level, not by age.  By grouping keepers by skill level beginner keepers can concentrate on the proper foundation and technique without being intimidated by experienced goalkeepers.  Experienced goalkeepers create a competitive atmosphere to push each other beyond their own expectations.

**Notes: Every keeper will be required to wear a SCGA shirt and black shorts to training. Club shirts, shorts or other uniform pieces that promote individual soccer clubs will be forbidden. Each practice will last one and a half and will be scheduled around the club team practices.**

Goalkeeper Training Protocol

Each Academy practice starts with speed/agility, technical training on specific topic of the day and end with game situation training to help keepers see the big picture after learning how to do the basics. Game-like training is only possible with multiple keepers in attendance. That is a major advantage of SCGA over 1 on 1 training.

College Recruitment Assistance

If your goal is to continue playing soccer in college Glen Fox, the director at SCGA, will assist and/or handle the recruiting for his keepers for the academy goalkeepers. Glen will guide keepers step by step through the recruiting process. He will make sure each player finds the college that best fits their educational and financial needs. Glen’s goal is to see that every keeper in the academy has the chance to play college soccer.

For an additional charge Glen will tape and provide a recruiting video to assist any goalkeeper in the college recruiting process.  If this is of interest please contact Glen for additional information.

Private Training for Goalkeepers

Private Sessions are sometimes offered to all keepers, on the weekends, that are interested. This is a great way to work on a specific area you are having trouble with. If you are having trouble learning how to do something or trying to catch up with other keepers in certain areas this is for you. Each Session will be 1 hour or 1 hour and 15 minutes long and breaks taken as the keeper needs.


If you have any needs or questions regarding extra weight lifting or general questions/problems with goalkeeping, Glen Fox and his staff are more than happy to assist you. SCGA is a partner with West Coast Goalkeeping Gloves and sells them under the gear tab.