Southern Crescent Goalkeeper Academy Training

Top Notch Training

Southern Crescent Goalkeeper Academy is unlike any other soccer goalkeeper training school in the country.  Our coaches along with your commitment to train will take your goalkeeping skills and confidence to a level beyond your expectations.  With a training commitment of 1 or 2 nights a week from August to May you will learn the proper technique to make simple saves every time, make difficult saves routine and impossible saves obtainable.  You will learn and practice all aspects of becoming a top goalkeeper which will include:

  • Proper Diving Techniques
  • Proper Catching Techniques
  • Handling Crosses
  • Handling Corner Kicks
  • Distribution
  • High Balls
  • Break Aways
  • Proper Field Positioning
  • Setting Up a Wall
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • …and much much more

Video Training Sessions

At Southern Crescent Goalkeeper Academy we believe that seeing is a great from of learning.  This is why we incorporate video sessions into our keeper training  regime.  In a classroom setting with video presentations we study the most successful keepers in the world to show our keepers the proper way to defend attacks from positioning and avoid mistakes.

In Game Assessments

Our coaches will attend students’ soccer games to ensure they are utilizing the techniques and knowledge they have learned in training sessions.  With this information we are able to create more effective and efficient training sessions.  Our goal is to make our students great game goalkeepers not great practice goalkeepers.