Player Testimonials

“Glen Fox has worked with my daughter, Meosha, for the past couple years and has always been an extraordinary person & coach. Coach Fox is knowledgeable, dedicated, and provides excellent coaching. I have noticed incredible results, and he has helped boost Meosha’s confidence level in the goal. If you are serious about playing soccer and want to be successful, Coach Fox is the person for the job… Thank you Coach Fox.”

-Marilyn Hatcher

“My two daughters aged 11 and 14 have been training with Coach Glen Fox for a little over a year. His ability to present his goalkeeping techniques and strategies to different age groups and ability levels is phenomenal. He has really helped to boost the girls’ confidence in the goal. The conditioning, training and nutritional tips have really helped to improve my daughters’ soccer games. They have not only increased their knowledge of goalkeeping, but all of the training has helped them to overall improve both their speed and agility. He really helped Claire prepare and be ready for High School tryouts and this increased confidence and ability enabled her to make the team. It is a big time commitment, but well worth it in the end!”

-Dana Messina

“My daughter has played soccer for six years now and two of those have been playing goalie full time for a select team. It wasn’t until after training with Glen that Paige realized that there was a lot more to playing the goalie position and her improvement was very noticeable. Not only has her confidence been boosted, but also her team has more confidence in her ability. Glen has the total package for goal keepers that are serious about getting to the next level. He has the experience, organization, and structure that is evident on the field. He is quick in pointing out improper techniques and correcting them with instruction that is effective and easy to grasp. Even though the training can be demanding, my daughter enjoys it. Specialized training is needed for goal keepers and Glen Fox is the man that can effectively deliver.”

Thanks Bob

“Glen Fox has been my goalie coach for the last two years. Since then, my goalkeeping has improved twofold. Glen started with the basics of goalkeeping and built from there. It makes learning so much easier and applying the techniques made much more sense. Glen makes sure the proper techniques are burned into your mind before moving onto something else. This way you really know what you’re are doing, not just what you’re supposed to be doing. I used to be unable to take decent goal kicks, but Glen helped with my foot skills and now they are much better. I have learned so much with Glen and continue to do so every time he trains me. Glen is a great coach.”

-Sydney Holstad